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Frequently asked not dumb Q's

You've got questions - we get it! We don't have all the answers yet, so if somethings not here, feel free to email us and we'll add to our list

What if someone chops their arm off?

Using tools brings some risks - we've had the legal advice and insurance advice to know we can get coverage. When someone borrows a tool, we'll ask them if they know how to use it, what they plan to use it for, check its working properly and get them to sign a waiver. Saying that, as far as we know, no tool library has ever been sued. 

What happens if I break a tool?

Depends on the context here -  if you've obviously behaved like a numpty and used it innaproriately, you'll have to pay for it. If it just gives up the ghost, we'll use our warranties to sort it out. We'll be asking for a little cash at each lend to refill the consumables (like saw blades or drill bits) when they go blunt or break.

How will I book a tool?

We'll be using an online platform for tool booking. Its called My Turn and its designed specifically for Libraries like ours. *if you don't have the internet, you can borrow at the door.\ during opening hours. Once you've booked it you can pick it up during opening hours.

When will you be open?

This will depend on our volunteers - we'll start with Saturday mornings (for weekend work) and Wednesday evenings, so you can drop it off. We'll build from there, hopefully Sunday mornings too.

Can I donate a tool?

The basic answer, we are sorry to say, is no. We need high quality gear with compatible batteries that won't electrocute anyone to make the Library manageable. If you have a high quality hand tool that you'd like to donate, that might be cool - but please don't be offended if we can't take it.

What happens if I return it late?

If a tool isnt booked, you can rebook it out. If someone has it booked and you return it late, that would really suck - so there will be a late fee. 

Do you need any volunteers?

OMG yes! We'd love some help - as we build our shed we need help from a Sparky and and a Carpenter. And some very organised cataloging nerds. When we are open we'll need people who know their way around tools, and people who are great community people to welcome our borrowers. Reach out via our email or early adopters group if you are interested.

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